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Rohos-Disk program creates hidden and protected partitions on the computer or USB flash drive.
Those who has megabytes of sensitive files and seriously concerned with data security, cannot imagine their computer or USB drive without the hidden partition that is created using this wonderful tool.
To open secured partition you can use password or USB flash drive with a password key. learn more

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Published : June 6, 2005
If you share your computer with someone else it means that others could see your private files, install games or software you didn't want, or change your computer settings.

We want to share our experience with Rohos, to share other people's ideas and suggestions, and help you choose the most appropriate way to protect your sensitive information.

kids playing and diggind on the PC Find some of your files erased by kids ?
If you have shared a computer at home you probably have troubles when you found some of your files beign erased by your kids. How to prevent this ?
Here's how to protect your data from accidental loss if your kids use your PC.

each user private files and folders Working in multi-user environment ?
If there are two or three persons using the same computer, each of them need to keep certain files to yourself.

Find out how to hide or protect files and folders in multi-user environment

hide files and music downloaded from internet Surfing the Web and downloading files ?

Learn how to use Rohos personal disk to hide files, music and video which were downloaded while surfing the Web.
How to hide files downloaded while surfing the Web?

protect and encrypt word,excell and power point documents Using Microsoft Office?
Find out How to instantly encrypt sensitive MS Office documents using Rohos quick access icon that's integrated into all MS Office applications: MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Access.

Stay more secure:

  • Laptop protection - Get a protected space for your files. Rohos software offers a simple and robust disk encryption technology. It was created to provide a painless tool to keep your confidential files and folders (and even email) in a secured space.
  • Rohos lets you replace your password with a USB flash drive for automatic access; No need to remember and type your password each time.

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